Two Moons, Two Jane Yolen Books


Here is another wonderful post from the excellent teacher–Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

The year was 1987.  I had been teaching preschool for three years.  I was immersed in children’s books, reading the great ones and the new ones.  That was the year I became picky about books, because what I read aloud to children made all the difference in the world.  I had mastered the art of stopping in the middle of reading to laugh, or cry, or to have an important conversation.  Reading aloud and knowing good books had become ‘my thing.’

1987 was also the year Jane Yolen wrote Owl Moon.  It won the coveted Caldecott Medal.  It is that good.

The book transformed my reading, or perhaps it transformed me.  I did far more than just read the words aloud.  Children went on a hunt outdoors to find bits and pieces of nature in order to create our own Owl Moon mural.  I remember showing children the illustrations…

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