August Promote Your Book Party!




We are now a little more than half-way through August, and I thought it was time again for a book promotion party!

I want to offer an opportunity for all writers who follow this blog to share information on their books. It can be very difficult to generate publicity for our writing, so I thought this little effort might help. All books may be mentioned, and there is no restriction on genre. This encompasses fiction, poetry, plays, and non-fiction. If I have neglected to mention a genre, please consider it to be included.

To participate, simply give your name, your book, information about it, and where to purchase it in the comments section. Then please be willing to reblog and/or tweet this post. The more people that see it, the more publicity we can generate for everyone’s books. I will continue to do these parties every few weeks.

Thank you for participating!

Promote your books!

Spread the word!

Keep on writing!





Gallows Hill can be found here in ebook.

Gallows Hill in paperback can be found here.

An interview about Gallows Hill can be found here.


Please follow the following links to find my novel:


Print book

Thank you!

The book trailer:

Maledicus:Investigative Paranormal Society Book I

My radio interview:




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22 thoughts on “August Promote Your Book Party!

  1. My YA high fantasy novel Mystical Greenwood is a story of adventure, magic, good vs. evil, gryphons and dragons and unicorns, and a strong emphasis on the sacred value of Nature and wildlife. It recently was a finalist in the 2019 American Fiction Awards, sponsored by American Book Fest. It’s available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook (and the cover art’s available on DeviantArt):

    Amazon –
    B&N –
    BAM! –
    Goodreads –
    DeviantArt –

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  2. I just released my new book, “Daddy Won’t Let Mom Drive the Car: True Tales of Parenting in the Dark.” It’s available in paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon. The book contains a series of short vignettes, many of them lighthearted, a few more serious, detailing my adventures as a blind mom raising a sighted daughter. It’s designed to show that the trials and triumphs are much the same for parents everywhere, regardless of disability.

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    Anyone who has ever been touched by the death of a friend or loved one will want to read this book. It can help you understand that death isn’t the end, it’s merely another step in life’s path. This book touches on a subject that is meaningful to all us, death and the afterlife. Read how a bicycle accident and near-death experience changed the author’s life along with her understanding of life and death. Out of this experience also came her job of escorting the dead to the afterlife. A job that she says, “…is filled with as much heartache as it is joy. It’s a job that has taught me a lot about compassion and love, but most of all, it has taught me that death isn’t the end of life.” The accident opened up a world that most of us never see until we die; however, for her, it’s a world that she visits often while escorting departing souls to their new existence in the afterlife.

    To download a free sample, go to Amazon

    Available in paperback and ebook at most online book sellers. See all my books at

    See the book trailer for this book and all my others at

    And don’t forget the companion book: CHOICES
    Also available at Amazon

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  4. Thank you for this opportunity to get the word out about my debut novel TELLING SONNY, the story of a son who became an afterthought to his vaudevillian cad of father. Sonny’s mother is left to tell him of his father’s death in a suspicious car accident when he’s not even asked to the funeral.

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