When Teachers Tell Their Stories – Part 6


Here is part 6 in Jennie’s wonderful series–When Teachers Tell Their Stories!

A Teacher's Reflections

In Part 5, children were connecting words to other stories.  Their language and critical, divergent thinking was expanding.  I told another Jennie Story that had plenty of excitement, “The Spider Story.”

Part 6
Turning off the lights when telling a story is an attention grabber.  When that story is about Halloween, all the better.  This story also has a lesson, adding to the importance of storytelling.

The Halloween Story

It happened like this.”  When I was a little girl, children went trick-or-treating all by themselves.  There were no parents trick-or-treating.  We were…alone.  I’ll never forget the Halloween when I was eight and my sister was six.  We were so excited!  I dressed up as Raggedy Ann and my sister dressed up as a scarecrow.  We had our bags ready to collect candy.  Then my Mother said, “Jennie, don’t forget to go trick-or-treating at Mrs. Crotty’s.”

Mrs. Crotty! …

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