What Are Your Works In Progress?


To all the writers out there: I hope your work is going well, that you are continuing to write as often as you can, and that your works in progress are, indeed, progressing.

I recently complete draft 3 of a fantasy novel, but it will need at least 2 more drafts, especially because I have overloaded expository information in the opening chapters. So, I will work on including that information in the plot and not simply give it. That will be the focus of the 4th draft.

I am also a little more than halfway through the 1st draft of a political thriller, which I am hoping will be done by the end of August.

So, to all the writers who read this:

What are your works-in-progress?


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50 thoughts on “What Are Your Works In Progress?

  1. I’m very excited. My latest work in progress is about to become a published work. The paperback version of my book, “Daddy Won’t Let Mom Drive the Car: True Tales of Parenting in the Dark,” is currently “in review” on Amazon and will go live in the next two days or so. The book is made up of thirty-seven short vignettes detailing my adventures as the blind mom of a sighted daughter–most of them lighthearted, a few more serious. The stories are designed to show that while my disability has changed a few family logistics, the dents and delights of parenting are universal. http://www.amazon.com/author/jepinto

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  2. The current WIP that I’m trying to get back to working on and finishing is a fantasy novel with the working title A Goddess Awakens. I’ve shared a few excerpts from it on my blog. I have a few other books that I started on a while back and haven’t gotten back to but may go back to at some point. One is a YA mystery novel and one is sort of a detective novel with a thief as the antagonist. I also have a sequel to my Kismet and Tell book that I started on long ago that I’ve been trying to decide whether to go back to or not. I also have an idea for a series that I’d like to play around with at some point, thanks to the fun I had with a short story that I wrote for my short story collection Chronicles of Riss. It would be something like a YA series with the main character being a mage/sorceress who solves mysteries. I just have the general idea for now.

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  3. Wow! What fun projects everyone is working on! Love it when you ask such questions Charles! Fun! I’m working on two books: a new print version of Dr. Bob’s Emotional Repair Program First Aid Kit (graphic novel type stories) – and the second, “Readers by Sue Clancy” will be an art book of my paintings of people reading; In each art piece I’m imagining what happens when a books content gets out of the readers head and into the room… Working on the images for both books. I’m much further along on the Dr. Bob’s book… you can see some about it here: https://sueclancy.com/feeding-good-wolves-2/
    Thanks again Charles for the question!

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  4. 25k words into this latest effort. A post-apoca story (after a massive CME) and a CRISPR designed flu escapes the CDC in Atlanta. It kills 99% of those it infects (intentionally by the designer), but those it lets live are stained port-wine marks on parts of their bodies and have been given/cursed with odd – molecular-level powers. The MC is a teen boy, Rogan, who can detect dying souls and ease their pain by stealing their spirit.

    I wish I could write full time. Alas, life would rather I pay my bills.

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  5. I am working on my as yet unnamed WIP about a future society which addresses the issues caused by climate change and the fourth industrial revolution. It is very interesting but I may have to simplify some of the thought process later on. At the moment I am just writing without to much editing or changing.

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  6. I am one chapter into the second in my Urban Fantasy series about an elemental – a water sprite – who lives incognito amongst the regular population in Inverness. I set out to use this series (without preaching) to highlight ecological and enviornmental issues in an action adventure setting. The first book was about the cost of clean energy, this one is about the need for environmental balance.

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  7. I had a rough draft to a follow up of a recent blog, only to find it all disappeared. On a positive note and this is not necessarily anything to with writing, I took over webmaster duties of VFW Post 9156 which uses WordPress. I’m looking forward to using it for communicating to our community and reaching out to veterans.

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  8. About 3 weeks ago, I completed the 3rd draft of an urban fantasy I’ve been working on for quite some time. The story’s coming together but it still needs a lot of work. I’m also working on the final edit of my 6th mystery, The Blade Man. I’ve been writing mysteries a lot longer and am more comfortable in this genre, but I love challenging myself, and I’m a big fan of all types of fantasy novels.

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