What Book Would You Read On A Summer Day?


I have asked this question before, but I am always interested to know what other readers would choose if they had this opportunity. I am, therefore, revisiting, this topic.




One of my best memories from summers when I was a child was of those days when I didn’t have to do anything. Work had not yet reared its head, chores were finished, and the weather was just right. It wasn’t too hot, and the humidity was low. The sky was filled with imagination-inducing legions of clouds.  On such days, I remember sitting under a tree, leaning back against it and reading a book—all day, with the exception of going in for lunch and supper. They were perfect days.



Now, imagine something like that. For one day, you have no responsibilities, the weather is nice—75 degrees, almost no humidity, and a sky of bright blue and cumulus clouds like scattered cotton candy—and you have the time to indulge in reading a book. At your side is a container of coffee, iced tea, or whatever you like. You also have snacks with you.  Remember, for this day, you are free to relax and read, as if you were a child again.

If I were to do this right now, I think I would begin to reread The Lord of the Rings.



My question is—what book would you read?

82 thoughts on “What Book Would You Read On A Summer Day?

  1. I think I’d read something that reminded me of those lazy summer days, to help me capture the moment better. Probably Salem’s Lot by Stephen King, because I most clearly remember reading that on the kind of day you describe.

    And I think near the end of summer, I might spend a vacation day to do exactly that. It sounds like a slice of heaven.

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  2. I really wish I could endulge in a day like that. I would probably choose something like Lord of the Rings as well, or escape back to Hogwarts with some Harry Potter, or maybe join Harry Dresden on a case in a Dresden Files book. Whatever I choose, for a summer day I would want something fun to read and escape with.

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  3. I’m lucky to have any time to read anything but blog posts during the summer. But if I do, it’s a cozy, light mystery that takes up no brain space. I’m busy calculating what summer jobs I can get done and how soon I can get to them. ;( I’m not a fan of summer one bit. I have twice the work and the books languish on my nightstand. Sigh…

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  4. I’ve just finished “Uncommon Type” by Tom Hanks. It was a great sit-on-the-patio-and-sip-cool-beverages book!! We were dog sitting and the short stories by Hanks were perfect for a summer outing with dogs!

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  5. niasunset

    you can’t believe but this summer I am with Hermann Broch, “The Death of Virgil” and also with Heidegger “Being and Time”… and I am studying either philosophy and English language too… I know it is hard for summer… But indoors, in this silent countryside, it is perfect to think and to read… Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia

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  6. niasunset

    I think I misunderstand your question, sorry for this, But of course it would be so nice to read J. R. R. Tolkien, when the book finished, I was so sad because of this… Thank you, Love, nia

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  7. niasunset

    But one summer I remember, I read all Agatha Christie books… Our lovely neighbour lent me them in his library and I can say it was my one of beautiful summer time… I remember now.

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  8. Too many choices, and still too little time. A day wouldn’t be enough for me. Now if I were given a month . . . then I would read one of those thick books like War and Peace or one of James Michener’s books. I had the pleasure of reading Hawaii one whole summer time ago.

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  9. I am very fortunate in that i usually am able to find time to pick up a book on any day…not just a special day. I usually have more than one book on the go at once. One factual and one fiction. Whilst not necessarily my favourites, currently i am reading Noam Chomsky’s 9-11 as my factual book and When the Lights Go Out by Mary Kubica as my fiction book. .Its hard to imagine a lazy warm summers day just now though as here in New Zealand we’re in the middle of winter. So its less of the relaxing in the shade of a tree and more snuggling down beside a roaring log fire….a good book and a hot coffee. Perfect.

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