The Pleasure of Reading! Revisited!




I have spent the majority of my time on this blog writing about writing, so I thought I would address the most fundamental and most important part of this experience with books: reading.

I have been reading my entire life; in fact, I cannot remember a time when I did not read. And reading has informed my life in many ways, not only in terms of career but also in the joys of life itself.

I read books, I teach them, and I write about them, but mostly, I enjoy them. I remember my mother telling me when I was very little that you can go many places that you might not ever have a chance to visit, real and made up, if you read. And I have visited and continue to journey to real and fantastic lands.



I am not a reading snob. While I teach college English Literature, I read in a very wide range, from adventure and horror to drama and so-called high literature, although I am not so certain that this distinction is accurate. Both Shakespeare and Dickens were considered popular writers in their time. Hemingway straddled the mythical fence of literature and genre writing. Today, I happily read authors in a multitude of genres, including Stephen King and John Connolly, among many others. So, I read whatever I choose, in any area. And I get great pleasure from the reading.

I hope that all people can experience this pleasure. I realize not everyone will, but I can keep hoping they do.





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26 thoughts on “The Pleasure of Reading! Revisited!

  1. I remember when I was very little thinking that reading was such a wondrous (and important!) ability it was reserved for grown-ups. You can only imagine how thrilled I was to be told that I would learn how to read as soon as I started school.

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  2. Charles, a wonderful post. I tell my ‘crossing kids’ the same thing, reading can take you anywhere. Unlike a video (movies) that take you where it wants to take you, with reading you make the pictures.

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  3. It is really enjoyable that you shared your own thoughts on reading. I read your post with a smile and nod agreement.
    I can’t remember not reading so obviously my parents patiently taught me early.
    It is one of my favourite pastimes still today and not a day goes without some reading. It would be starvation.


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  4. Many of my favorite trips and adventures have taken place in books. And the one thing that is difficult for me is coming to the end of a book that I was so engrossed in. It is really challenging to have to switch gears, even when the end is actually a good ending. I am never certain that another book by the same author or on the same subject will be as good as the one I just read. But the wonderful thing about any book is that no matter how little money I have or ability to physically go a special place, I can visit it generally without spending any money except perhaps a tiny bit of gas to get to the library. And I can visit that place as it is today as well as as it was hundreds or more years ago. Magical, truly magical . . .

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