The Investigative Paranormal Society Cookbook by Charles French


Thank you so much to Vanessa at for her review and blog on my book–The Investigative Paranormal Society Cookbook! I am honored!

Food In Books

French has a wonderful blog – here’s the link – that I follow and enjoy so very much, in addition to his first book Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society, which I blogged about last year. The book is the story of three older gentlemen who form a paranormal group and go ghost-hunting, only to find that there are spirits and specters more terrifying in life and death than they ever would have thought possible. They do battle with the titular character Maledicus, a wonderfully evil and thoroughly nasty and despicable spirit who was just as bad when he was alive, and it is overall a wonderful, fast-paced and adventuresome book.


Being a book and food aficionado and having combined these two in my own blog, I was very pleased with the number of cooking and foodie references in Maledicus, and was happy to see that Charles French had…

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4 thoughts on “The Investigative Paranormal Society Cookbook by Charles French

  1. So,
    you cook too!
    Which means of course,
    you are multi-talented,
    (based on all the other,
    things you do).
    And you love to eat,
    but aren’t fat,
    as far as I can see.
    I cook too.
    And love to eat.
    And am not fat,
    You make me smile.
    A lot.
    Long may you do,
    what you do.
    Meeting people like you,
    is why blogging,
    is a joy,
    and a gift.

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