When Do You Write?




I have done a blog post before in which I asked where you write, and I have been delighted with the responses and the conversation that developed. I thought, then, that the next logical question to explore was that of when you write.



With my schedule, between teaching at two colleges, tutoring, being a father, husband, and grandfather, it is difficult to plan a particular time when I write. That is one of the reasons I carry a pad and pen with me so that when I find the time to write, then I write.

If I could write, however, when I wanted to, then I would probably work in the later evening. I have always been nocturnal, and I have done some of my best work in the night time.



I am asking all of you: what time do you write?





68 thoughts on “When Do You Write?

  1. Well, to play the devil’s advocate, the answer to “when do you write” is “now” for me.
    No matter what the clock says or where the sun is. I write now. Because all we have is now. So, if i am writing then it must be now. It is now, at least while i write this it is.

    Thanks for all you do for community building.

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  2. I have a busy eleven-year-old daughter and a day job as a freelance proofreader. So I write when I can grab time. That often means late nights, early mornings, lunch breaks, and moments stolen between projects, school activities, and while dinner simmers or laundry tumbles in the dryer.

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  3. like you, I have a variety of life obligations, and I tend to write whenever I can or the. mood strikes me. that being said, at night before falling asleep, or early morning before the world awakens, are my two favorite times.

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  4. My preference, Charles, is to write in the mornings as soon as I get up. With two teenage sons, I often get a good 2 hours in if I get up at 6am on weekend days. I often write again from about 10.30am to lunch time. In the afternoon I do things with my kids and help them with studying and projects. I blog predominately in the evenings.

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  5. Usually in the evening. I am trying to get up and write before work but I’m having mixed results. Still working on the motivation to get up as soon as my alarm goes off! I also have an app, Evernote, that I use to write while I’m on the bus to work. Has worked well for me so far.

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  6. I don’t consider myself a writer, but more like a Scribe. I have to keep pen and paper available all around the house so the thoughts that come to mind can be noted before they escape back into the ethers from whence they came. I also am nocturnal and most often use the midnight hours to compile my notes.

    I find your Blog most interesting and enjoy the variety you share with us.

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  7. For some reason, and one that makes absolutely no sense to me, I write better early in the morning, long before my particular world wakes up. I discovered this quite by chance and make full use of it, even though I have no idea how it works!

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  8. I write in the afternoon. I’m lucky enough to be able to be a full-time writer, so I spend my mornings on promotion, marketing, etc., and my afternoons writing. I’ve tried writing in the morning and it doesn’t work as well for me, as much as I wish it could.

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  9. I write in the evening. When work was in session, I used to write a little during lunch, too. During summer break, I get up early to do chores in the cool of the morning and my “reward” is added writing time in the afternoon.

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  10. I have a busy eleven-year-old daughter and a day job as a freelance proofreader. So I write when I can. Often that means late nights, early mornings, and snatched moments while dinner simmers and clothes tumble in the dryer. But I learned a hard lesson when my mom died very suddenly of colon cancer in 2014. I learned that none of us know how many days we get to knock around on this planet, and we better take advantage of the ones we’re blessed with. So I make time to write, even if it costs me sleep or wasted hours in front of dumb sitcoms I don’t care about anyway or un-dusted shelves that will only get dusty again before I know it.

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  11. If I can write about anything, then I will do it whenever I find time, as and when the idea pops in… But if I am forced to write about some particular topic then I can only do it at night.. I’m nocturnal, so I think more clearly during the night. 🙂

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  12. It all depends on what else i have to do during the day….and if those tasks can be put off. I probably have my best ideas either early morning or just before bedtime, so they would be my ideal writing times. But if something pops into my head at any time of the day and inspires me I’ll either open my laptop or jot it into a note book right away.

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