What Writer From the Past Would You Like to Write the Introduction to Your Book?




It is not uncommon for one writer to compose an introduction or preface for another writer’s book. I was thinking about this idea today–who I would like to write an introduction for my book Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Paranormal Society, Book 1. For me,  I would have liked Edgar Allan Poe to write this preface or introduction. He would have been a perfect choice.



My question to all of you is this: What dead author would you like to write the preface or introduction to one of your books?



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77 thoughts on “What Writer From the Past Would You Like to Write the Introduction to Your Book?

      • Have been thinking about this via commuting to work on the train/at the copier at my job while scanning thousands of pages, etc. and I think who I would ask would depend on what I am writing. My first novella/because it was short was written in the late 1990’s/in my late 20’s and I would probably ask the two/2 writers I was able to study the craft with in college to do an introduction or a blurb: Oscar Hijuelos, author of the Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love, who sadly has passed away and Vince Passaro author of the book Violence, Nudity Adult Content — he still writing and kicking. Writing a book is a hard challenge, finding an agent/publisher is also a hard challenge, that novella probably was too short and why agents/small indie publishers I queried like it to an extent but passed. My 2nd novel attempt started in the early 2000’s and I wrote it though my 30’s into my early 40’s–and was like painting a mural (to borrow from my mum who is a painter/artist). Many characters narratives and plot lines. It also required a lot of research and I fell down the hole especially with keeping up with science although it was a mixture of sci fi/dystopian fiction/magical realism: I would have loved to have asked the great Octavia Butler, a visionary writer, sadly also no longer with us for an intro/blurb or perhaps Margaret Atwood since the book focused on many feminist themes. I worked on it for over ten/10 years, and I hope to return to it at some point. It needs TLC and major narrative surgery/clean up. In May 2018, when my mother’s breast cancer returned and she need surgery I started writing my current book/project, it’s quite different as well, with older characters, working class, that have experienced death, loss/grief, struggle with debt/making ends meet, along with chronic anxiety (one lead character), PTSD (the other lead character), parenting, and other everyday/typical stress and due to luck/fate find joy in each other. If this ever is published I would like to ask Alice Hoffman for an intro and blurb because while it is not full blown magical realism, her work did greatly influence me. There are some Austen-type influences as well but asking Ms, Austen for an intro/blurb would require time travel and sort of loop me back to the second book! Thank you again–such an excellent question/exercise!

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      • Thank you. And I should also add–it was interesting to think about past the bounds of time, logic, etc. If I ever finish the book, I will probably ask Vince as he is a writer I still respect/and correspond with, and I would understand if he refused. I’m sure many former students must ask him. In theory, it’s nice to say Alice Hoffman but in reality I don’t think it would be a good idea to cold call/ask for a clip or for an introduction from a writer that I have never never studied with or met, except briefly from attending one of her readings, etc.

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  1. I would have been honored to have Mark Twain write an introduction for my novel, “The Bright Side of Darkness.” Twain had a keen understanding of the hearts and minds of teenage boys; so much so that the protagonist in my book, himself a reluctant reader, was introduced to “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” as a way to meet his first literary friends.

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  2. Interesting question! I would like Hildreth Wriston to write the introduction to Telling Sonny. She was from Enosburg Falls, Vermont, which is where my book begins and ends. She wrote children’s books about Vermont; I write adult fiction about Vermont.

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  3. I’m sure my answer won’t surprise you, give my guest post a while back. If I were to write a book, and had my choice of any late great author, I would definitely choose Ray Bradbury, because of the incredible influence he had on me as a reader.

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  4. Interesting question! I have to think which story. If it’s a horror, I would like Stephen King to write the preface. If a thriller, Jeffery Deaver. If a literary or mainstream, Oprah Winfrey. If a humor book, Dave Barry.

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  5. If I ever write a book (which I want to, someday) I would like Richard Bach to give an introduction. His books, particularly Jonathan Livingston Seagull, has such in dept philosophy and imagery that never fails to amaze me even after reading the book for more than 6 times!!

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