Writers: Keep Writing!




Hello to all of the writers who read this blog.

I have a simple message for you.

Trust in your abilities.

Have faith in your stories.

Keep dreaming.

Keep working.

Keep writing.

You can do it.



46 thoughts on “Writers: Keep Writing!

  1. Great advice. I’m stumbling about now. Have lots of nice titles and while I’m working, I think of great story lines, or passages. But, lately, when I go to write, it’s ‘blah, blah, blah’. But, I’ll keep at it. 👍

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  2. Good timing for me to see this post come across my email, as it immediately followed a rejection email I found condescending and insulting (from a publication that shall remain nameless). Thanks for the encouragement (and for not being condescending and insulting).

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