The End of the School Year


Here is another wonderful post from the excellent teacher, Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

My dining room table has been a jumble of children’s work collected throughout the year.  I have put on the finishing touches.  Parents will get their child’s Portfolio – the full collection – next week.  I’ll be there, looking over their shoulder as they walk through the school year with their child.  Tissues needed.

Children have been saying goodbye in many ways.  Some are crying, some are glued to my side.  We’re reading all their favorite books, from Humphrey the Lost Whale, to Mother Bruce, to Harry the Dirty Dog, to Those Pesky Rabbits, and This Land is Your Land.  We’re just hanging out together.  Gloria has been well loved and also very needed.

My Book Bears reading group at the library had their final meeting.  Here is a letter to me from Jared:

Dear Jennie, Thank you for being the head of Book Bears.  My…

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