Echoes of the Past


Here is a wonderful post from John Bainbridge!

Walking the Old Ways

When I walk I always see more than one landscape. There’s obviously what you see out on your walk today, but there are all those other landscapes too. The landscapes of the past, and those are all merged together in the present lie of the land – a glorious palimpsest.

DSCF1245 Stepping Stones at Crosby Ravnsworth (c) John Bainbridge 2019

For the observant walker, this is a joy, for it brings our history to life, many periods of that history, and all there to be considered.

When I see ancient plough marks I can almost see the ancient ploughman who made them, rather like an illustration on a modern paperback of Piers Plowman. See that ruined cottage and think of the people who lived there perhaps a century or two ago. Walk the old paths and think of the way they were used in past times. You can almost visualise the…

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4 thoughts on “Echoes of the Past

  1. I find this post to be exceptionally meaningful and beautiful. Many writers, I believe, see life this way, and I am one of them. I do find myself envisioning past lives lived in old houses, old neighborhoods, where cement walkways are cracked, down treelined streets that seem to tell a story by their very present, but empty of human companionship, of missing shutters, of peeling paint, of clapperboard construction, half-hidden under untrimmed branches, like skeletons on halloween, creating a ghostly presence.

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