Read and Write Everyday




This is a quick reminder to all writers: read and write everyday. These are the two most important activities for anyone who wishes to be an author.



Our lives can be very busy and hectic, but try to put some time aside to do both reading and writing.




22 thoughts on “Read and Write Everyday

  1. This is so important. As writers, we should all read and write everyday and I agree with this so much. Sometimes, after a long day’s work, it’s so easy to give into exhaustion and put writing on the back burner and choose something else to do instead. But I’ve been learning to fight past this recently – and it’s improved my mood so much. But, if I am actually way too tired and my brain really doesn’t want to play ball, I find reading is a healthy escape too!

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  2. Perfect reminder, Charles! It’s only too easy to get caught up in all the other things that demand out attention. There should always be a little time left for what we love to do, be it writing, painting or making music. 😊

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