More Insanity and Horror–Another School Shooting


The American insanity with guns continues. Yet, another school shooting has occurred in Denver with at least one dead and seven others wounded.

I expect  that two things will happen: media coverage will decrease as we, as a society, become desensitized to these terrible events; and the other is that spineless politicians who are either afraid of the gun lobby or in their pockets will offer their thoughts and prayers. They will, however, take no action. They will simply hope that American citizens forget this latest tragedy, and they will treat the situation as normal.

This must end. I, for one, will never support any politician who does not support gun control laws. This horrible situation must change.

This is a call to political action: if you agree that serious gun control must be enacted, then do not vote for any politician, on any level, who does not support gun control.

Children, teachers, and parents should not have to face this insanity in our society.

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24 thoughts on “More Insanity and Horror–Another School Shooting

  1. Totally Insane Charles. The NRA will have it’s typical response ready, that now is not the time to talk of gun control. Now is exactly the time to do so while feelings are raw and people may demand of the politicians that they do their job. Just the most basic checks on people and ensuring certain groups of people do not get issued guns would be a start. Change the age to 21 before someone can purchase a gun.Stop the sale of weapons which can fire a high rate of bullets, only the armed forces need and should have those.
    I’m sorry my friend but here in the UK we just don’t understand why you allow your politicians to get into bed with the NRA. I know some States will always vote to keep their arms but surely the majority has had enough now, Make 2020 the year that no-one votes for politicians who don’t stand for change.
    I hope this is your last shooting.

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  2. This gun culture really needs to change or be eradicated completely. It’s embarrassing how twisted our political priorities are. I hope we can rotate out the “spineless politicians” sooner.

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  3. I have often been forced to reconsider where I have gone wrong in career choices; but alas, not in my latest consideration… After my BA, I was actually thinking about trying to become a teacher or professor. If the financial thing wasn’t enough… the gun thing was the final straw in deciding against it. I neither want to teach armed students nor work in a world where educators pack heat. Makes you wonder how many educators — potentially really talented educators — we might be losing in our schools due to not only that reluctance and disgust, but those we also lose annually from emotional burnout from watching the game of Russian Roulette unfold. Teaching is hard enough; we should not tolerate that which makes it harder in the name of rights waving.

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    • KC, you are completely correct in your analysis. I also know people who would become teachers, but they do not want to be in an armed camp, nor do they want to have a weapon in their desk or on them. This is simply ridiculous.

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  4. I was just sick when I heard the news yesterday. Why politicians can’t stand up to the NRA and do something about the deplorable situation in this country is beyond me. For God’s sake, someone needs to do the right thing. I have never supported a politician who is not in favor of stricter gun laws. Thanks for calling attention to this shamefulness.

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  5. I so agree with the above. Surely, unless a farmer or legal hunter, no-one should need more than a hand-gun to “Protect themselves and their family.” It’s complete madness to allow automatics to be sold openly. Especially to under 21 year olds!

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  6. I have four little nieces and nephews ages 6-13 who attend Denver schools. They’ve had to face lockdowns or “lockouts” twice now in the past three weeks. They are terrified and traumatized. And I am fed up with adults who can’t seem to put kids’ lives ahead of their political ambitions. Enough! I’m with you on this one.

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