What is Your Work In Progress?




I am currently working on several projects: a first draft of a political thriller (about 1/2 finished), a third draft of a fantasy novel, and a  cookbook from meals by the characters in my series Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society, Book 1 and Gallows Hill: The Investigative Paranormal Society, Book 2 by Charles F. French. This is a small, enjoyable book that I am creating for the sheer fun of it.

So, now I ask all the writers out there:

What is your Work In Progress?


83 thoughts on “What is Your Work In Progress?

  1. I love your covers. I just sent my next release, Dead, White, and Blue, to my cover designer and my editor. That frees me up to work on the first draft of my next WIP, Dutch Treat, which is about 25% done. I’m trying to come up with a couple short stories, too, for use as a lead magnet for my newsletter. And, of course, there’s the promoting…

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  2. Like you running between projects. I’ve two books being edited pre publication, one which has cover art one which doesn’t. The third in the series of coming of age stories is written and needs my editing and just now I’m writing the first draft of a comic fantasy (or maybe magical realism) based around a hapless trainee exorcist. Phew

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  3. Editing(first round): My Magical YA Fantasy with dual MC
    Editing (second round): The third book in the Kingdom of Fraun YA Fantasy series
    Editing (first round): The fourth book in the Kingdom of Fraun YA Fantasy series
    Outlining: The fifth (and final) book in the Kingdom of Fraun YA Fantasy series

    Sounds like you and I are both pretty busy!

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  4. Cheers for your community building. I am reworking the Psrzifal (Parsifal) myth to accomadate a more feminine perspective of power and a modern view of love and subliminal sexual symbolism. Something to speak to modern shifts in gender identity and attraction.

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  5. I’m in the closing stages of the second book in a series featuring a telepathic alien on an illegally settled colony planet – Mantivore Prey. The first book, Mantivore Dreams, is with my wonderful editor and I’m hoping to release both books this year…

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  6. I’m doing final edits on a 30-page short story that I cannibalized from a failed novel. The story that I thought was the story ended up not being the story. I think. (My new critique partner read it and said it held together well, except for a really bad/lame title.)

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  7. Hi Charles! It’s great to hear what you have going on!

    I have an article coming out soon that I don’t want to say too much about, but it’s either going to be incredibly well-received or ruffle a lot of feathers in the science communication world…or both. I’ve also gotten a verbal “yes” on a freelance contract with the Cleveland zoo for four long-form articles, but so far no official contract. Lastly, I’m in the very early stages of a project on archaeology in northern Ohio. I don’t know where that’s going to go yet though, at this point I’m starting to research and network to see where it goes.

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  8. I have your book 2 on my TBR, Charles. I have finished Through the Nethergate and it is at the publisher. Yay! I am now working my my South African ghost story about the second anglo boer war as well as some short stories for another horror anthology. Book 2 of While the Bombs Fell is also waiting in the wings for me to find time to write it and I have an idea for a post apocalyptic dystopian science fiction series of three books. It is enough for now [wink!]

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  9. It seems that I write almost every free moment I have. I do a column in our newspaper and have two articles each month in a local magazine. These are all placed on my travel blog eventually as well as some other places or people I happen to meet along the way. My major work in progress is turning a Civil War diary into a book format. I’ve got about three months finished our of the year’s diary but other deadlines crowd it to the side. I do love to write.

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  10. That’s great that you have a lot of great stuff going on. I just recently had a short story published in an anthology. I will be announcing this eventually. I’m just writing down bits of ideas, trying to decided which will be short stories and one big story, i.e., the novel. Ha. Still time-challenged . . .

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