Who are your favorite Russian Writers?




To continue on my series of favorite writers, I thought I would now deal with Russian writers.  As with the other offerings in this group of posts, there are many excellent authors from which to choose, so I will choose three whom I consider to be extraordinary writers.



One of the most important Russian novelists was Fyodor Dostoevsky, who wrote many works that dealt with the interior workings of the human mind, including in its darkest states. Dostoevsky helped to usher in modernism and a deep psychological approach to writing. Among his most important and best novels are Crime And Punishment and The Idiot.



Anton Checkhov was one of the most important playwrights of the world theater. His work was revolutionary in its approach, incorporating the idea of subtext, or the meaning that exists underneath the spoken words, in his plays. His work challenged both the actors who performed in them and the audience who saw the plays.  His best works are The Three Sisters and The Cherry Orchard.



The third writer I will offer is Sergei Lukyanenko, the author of the fantasy series that begins with Night Watch and continues with five others novels. His books are innovative and powerful–he creates a complex world, inhabited by supernatural beings on opposing sides.

So, I ask all of you: who are some of your favorite Russian writers?

46 thoughts on “Who are your favorite Russian Writers?

  1. Bulgakov, though honesty impels me to admit I’ve never read any other Russian works other than Crime and Punishment in high school. But The Master and Margarita is so, so amazing and subversive and dark and magical! I love it so!

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  2. Never really took to Russians after school forced me to read Soljenitin. Having said that i loved the night watch series. If you liked that have you tried the Rivers of London series by Ben aaronovitch? Similar idea set in London and in my view much better..!!

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  3. I have tried to read Russian classics but have not succeeded. It was long ago when I approached literature like cod liver oil. I might like it better now but frankly I’m intimidated and there are so many other good writers and writing that I feel I can experience literature that tastes more like candy than cod.

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  4. This reminded me of a Russian fantasy series that I cannot for the life of me remember! I started reading the first book about 6 years ago, never got the second. I’ve been trying to remember the name of the book or the author, but no luck! All I really remember is it’s high fantasy (like Lord of the Rings) and the dwarves are peculiar in his world as opposed to their usual depiction because they’re mostly beardless and great with magic in this book. Does that sound like anything you know of?

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