Independent Bookstore Day




April 27, 2019 is Independent Bookstore Day, and all readers and writers should celebrate the day and support independent bookstores!

Independent bookstores are increasing in number over the last few years, which is comforting and encouraging for readers and writers alike.

I would like to feature one bookstore in my area that is a wonderful place, and it does what many such bookstores do–it fosters a community or readers, both adult and children, and offers various events, ranging from readings, to open mike nights to game nights. This store is Firefly Bookstore in downtown Kutztown, PA, near a small public university and not far from where I live.

Firefly Bookstore is a wonderful establishment, and if you are ever in this area, please visit it.

Their website is Firefly Bookstore.


Do you know an independent bookstore that you can feature?

10 thoughts on “Independent Bookstore Day

  1. Word has it that over a hundred independent bookstores are opening every year. While this is good news for the industry, it might not seem so at first blush. A lot of big boxes will probably have to slim down or decide to close entirely, but at lease we should see better dialog with publishers who will have to have more discourse with their public through bookstore owners. We will also see a lot less deep discounts and less volume carried in stores, but I think the customer service will see substantial improvement…and maybe we will get our section back!

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  2. Independents are my favorite. We have Powell’s City of Books here in Portland. It’s a full city block and 4 or 5 floors of new and used books. Also we have New Renaissance Books which is more metaphysical books than anything but I find lots of good stuff there, even on writing. I just visited an old haunt while visiting Phoenix is Changing Hands Bookstore in Mesa, AZ. I spent 3 full days there once. Had to stay in a motel to get there. 😉

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