Write What Matters to You


Here is a wonderful post on balancing writing from Michelle Saul!


Recently I’ve come to realize that I’m spending a lot of time writing about topics that aren’t along the lines of what I normally write about. While I appreciate the challenge of it and it gives me he opportunity to learn about new subjects, I also find it to be mentally draining. I’m spending so much time researching information and then piecing it together to make it something new that it almost feels like I’m back in college! And don’t get me wrong, I loved college, but I’m pretty sure I wept with joy when I handed in my last research paper.

I can research and piece together information in my sleep, it’s easy for me, always has been. But the problem is I don’t feel a spark of creativity when doing this day in and day out. But that’s pretty much what all my freelance jobs need me to…

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