The Mueller Report


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I was up until about 1:00 in the morning reading the report and now have a migraine, so this is going to be a fairly brief post. I just want to share a few thoughts.

1. The 148 page report is split into two volumes. The first deals with conspiracy/collusion, the second, obstruction of justice. While I agree there’s not enough evidence to prove that Mr. Trump and his campaign conspired with Russia to steal the election, they had much too cozy a relationship for my comfort. The report is clear that the Russian government attempted to help Trump win; the Trump campaign was all too willing to embrace hacking that targeted Clinton and the Democrats; the campaign had many concerning ties to Russia. 

2. In the second volume Mueller looked at ten instances of possible obstruction of justice. Three of the more troubling of these were: Trump directing then…

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5 thoughts on “The Mueller Report

  1. I simply wish the House would start formulating new laws that would plug the holes in the boat that Mueller pointed out. It may feel like it is about Trump, but it is about all future Presidents as well and spelling out what is acceptable behavior and what is conduct unbecoming. Sadly, we are now clearly past the point in history when the “obvious” and the “honorable” is no longer the line never crossed…

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