National Library Week!



What is one of the places in most communities where people can go to find information, use computers, talk to other people, and most importantly, read books for free? Your public library is a wonderful and important resource.



I have loved libraries since I was a child; I remember going to the branch library in my town with my mother and siblings. I thought it was such a large and magical place. This library was actually a fairly small building, but the magic inside was enormous, and that was the magic of books and reading! That small, local branch library begin my life long love of libraries.



Some of the institutions are magnificent city libraries, and some are small, but they are all important. Whether in a metropolis like New York City or a tiny town of 500, these treasure troves of knowledge and books all serve the people who use them.




Please support your local libraries!

16 thoughts on “National Library Week!

  1. I adore libraries! And where I live on the western coast of the US I’m able to enjoy a 13 branch library in one state (Washington) and another library system accross the river, in Oregon, 9 miles from where I live. I feel decadently, obscenly rich! I often say that “I regularly use my library card in two states”. Lol! Additionally I’ve enjoyed being a library tourist when I’ve traveled. The libraries on the eastern coast of the US; Salem Massachusetts, Burlington Vermont and many other places were also enchanting!

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