The Path to Genocide Starts With the Label of Inhumanity


This post is crucially important, and it speaks to the path of genocide.


The Holocaust did not start with gas chambers, death camps and mass killings. It started with words. It started with calling Jews inhuman, comparing them with rats.

It’s obvious to anyone with a brain that the American immigration policy is in need for an urgent re-write. You know who does not help when he compares deported immigrants to animals:

“You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people. These are animals and we’re taking them out of country at a level and at a rate that’s never happened before, and because of the weak laws they come in fast… it’s crazy.”

99.9% of those who are seeking asylum are not criminals. They are escaping a life that is defined by poverty, hunger and violence. They should not be defined by a minority who are motivated by violence.

America, as we all as know, is the land…

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13 thoughts on “The Path to Genocide Starts With the Label of Inhumanity

  1. It sickens me to hear this man speak. First off he is incapable of rational, intelligent debate. Today on the national news it was reported that it will take up to two years or more to reunite the children that were ripped from parents and thrown into “concentration” areas here in the US. Two years, imagine. We can no longer look down our nose at countries who disregard human rights.

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