Who Are Some of Your Favorite Painters?


I have been creating a series of posts about favorite writers in a variety of categories, and I wanted to expand to considering other art forms. With this idea in mind, I want to consider favorite painters.  I have loved and studied art history as an interest throughout my life, so I want to explore what painters others like.

For this post, I will include

Leonardo da Vinci




Claude Monet




Vincent Van Gogh



I ask all of you: who are some of your favorite painters?


59 thoughts on “Who Are Some of Your Favorite Painters?

  1. Recently I came across one post on social media & believe me this was by far the most realistic artwork I’ve ever seen in my life by Chinese artist leng jun. you can definitely look into that stuff.

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  2. You’ve included three I really like, especially Van Gogh. As for other painters, I recently discovered some of Picasso’s early works, which are closer to realism and definitely among my favourites.

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  3. Chagall – for his almost childlike use of primary colours. Hopper for his voyeuristic American street scenes (particularly nighthawks). Picasso for his range of skills – ( in his youth he was an amazing classically trained artist before he became more experimental/cubist and later, toward the end of his life, was more involved in ceramics and sculpture). He was also a stage set designer and poet. BUT there are many many others all very worthy.

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  4. This might be the most difficult question you’ve asked here for me, Charles! 😉 Having studied art history I would probably make your comment section explode if I were to list them all! 😂 So instead I will limit myself to only 3: Boticelli, Caravaggio and Vermeer. 😊 (Ah! It really hurts to stop there! 😂)

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