Another Review of Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society Book 1 by Charles F. French


I am honored to be able to post this review of my horror novel Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society Book 1 by Charles F. French.


Maledicus follows the plot of a horror story, which is the first horror novel I have ever read. This being said, I had low expectations since I have never truly been one to want to read a book focused around horror, or even mystery. However, contrary to my mindset prior to reading the novel, I found this book hard to put down since the story was captivating and the characters were intriguing. The characters were specifically fun to read about since they were relatable. One character I particularly enjoyed was Roosevelt, even with the age difference since I am 18 years old in comparison. Also, the author utilized a casual tone and adolescent-like language in the dialogue of the novel, creating almost a comedic undertone that I thoroughly enjoyed. Another aspect that I touched upon in my earlier reviews was the use of description and scene-setting. This was particularly interesting to me because the description added an element of fear and anticipation that I have not experienced in a novel before Maledicus. On top of this, I found that the descriptions of the settings were especially important to the overall tone of the story. The descriptions allowed for clear developments of images in my head, which articulated the author’s image very effectively. The outline and overall structure of the book were also very intriguing since it had a pace that was easy to digest the information, but also maintains the reader s attention. The outline also had smooth transitions between the different storylines, from Maledicus to Roosevelt, and locations, from Rome to Pennsylvania. Therefore, this element maintained a clear story, but also kept a pace that did not muddy the fun and anticipation of the book. After reading Maledicus, I am upset that I did not delve into the world of supernatural novels until now. However, this provides me with a new genre to delve into and learn about.


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22 thoughts on “Another Review of Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society Book 1 by Charles F. French

  1. I read Maledicus two years ago and I still remember this horror story vividly; the storyline was taut with emotions, the description of Rome and life styles, the intrigue, the rich development of the characters, and especially Roosevelt and Sara. Their love story was particularly heart-rending and beautiful.

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