Do you know what today is?


Here is a wonderful post on International Children’s Book Day by Jean M. Cogdell!

Jean's Writing


International Children's Book Day Ibby

Thanks to my favorite Ape, and Jo Robinson for reminding me!

International Childrens Book Day

And a happy birthday to one of my favorite authors, Hans Christian Anderson. I’m sure there isn’t a parent in the world who doesn’t know The Little Mermaid. But did you know it was written in 1837? Just goes to show you good books last forever.The Little Mermaid (With Original Illustrations) by [Andersen, Hans Christian]

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t showcase my children’s books. I hope you’ll head over to Amazon and check mine out. While I in no way stand alongside Hans Christian Anderson, I’m very proud of my books. Easter is coming and a book makes a great gift.

A Most Reluctant Princess by Jean M. Cogdell   A Reluctant Little Prince by Jean M Cogdell   Tryouts for Ben by Jean M Cogdell

Of course, you don’t have to wait for a holiday to give the gift of imagination. So, y’all give a book and light a fire of creativity in a child today. You never…

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7 thoughts on “Do you know what today is?

  1. Thank you Jean, for posting “International Children’s Book Day 2019”, I happen to love Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tales, but I didn’t know it was written in 1837. I did fall in love with “The Little Mermaid,” as many or most young girls did. I still love that book. My mother would take us to the town library every weekend. She loved to read and I don’t think I ever saw her with out a book. All of us fell in love with reading.. Thank you, Jean.

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