Art and Music and Italy – Part 3


Here is the next part in Jennie’s excellent series!

A Teacher's Reflections

In Part 1, children began to learn about Italy through maps and a big atlas. First we ‘travelled’, then we learned fun facts (pretzels were invented in Italy, pasta was not).  We learned that opera is from Italy, and children listened to and watched a symphony orchestra.  I showed children major pieces of art, and they recognized Starry Night, as that poster hangs in our classroom.

In Part 2, I laid the foundation for creating our own art masterpieces, in preparation for our annual Art Show. We looked at important pieces of art once again, from The Scream, to Large Blue Horses, to Haystacks.  The colorful art of Kandinsky struck a chord, so we read the book, The Noisy Paintbox. Kandinsky was moved to paint the sounds he heard, after going to the opera.  Of course, we listened to an Italian opera, La bohéme.  Ah, the combination of…

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