Intermission: When Not Speaking Up As a Vietnam Vet’s Daughter is Unacceptable


KC Redding-Gonzalez has written an essential piece on speaking out and those who do not about President Trump’s criticism of John McCain. This essay is crucial reading!

Zombie Salmon (the Horror Continues)

I apologize right now to my followers for the temporary deviation from this blog’s theme. However I simply cannot remain silent on this one…

Recently, our President has taken it upon himself to repeatedly criticize the late Senator John McCain, a former Vietnam war POW, and respected Navy veteran.

I really do not care why.

But what I care about is the number of Americans who are standing by and saying NOTHING. And of those Americans, the number of American Military Service Members and Veterans who are saying NOTHING, or saying it quietly.

To those soldiers past and present I say I’ve already watched as you have stood silent and allowed noncitizens who served beside you be deported. And now you are staring at your shoes while a United States President denigrates a decorated war veteran – your brother.

I am not a service member. But I am the daughter…

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12 thoughts on “Intermission: When Not Speaking Up As a Vietnam Vet’s Daughter is Unacceptable

  1. KC, and Professor French, I am appalled by the lack of courage shown by so many, who fail to speak up. Sixty-four thousand young American young men died for our country. Trump, and numerous members of his ilk, faked a bodily injury to avoid the draft, as well as many who now serve in our Congress as senators and representatives. Yet, most do not speak out against Trump’s deranged out-bursts, regarding a true American hero, John McCain. It is amazing the number of male cowards who can’t show the least strength of character. Thank you for this wonderful documentary. Thank you so much for this reblog and to KC., both very courageous writers, who do speak up so brilliantly.

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  2. One of the things our military fights for is Freedom of Speech and everyone being allowed their own opinion. Some of Cain’s fellow prisoners were the first to taint his reputation by saying he had cooperated with the enemy in exchange for survival. So it all boils down to a matter of opinion.

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    • Not when one person is attacking a person who cannot fight back, because he is dead. It is beyond dishonorable. These are the actions of a bully at the very least. I wonder what my father who was a marine in World War Two would think of this–he believed completely in the motto of “semper fidelis.” And to defend Trump who was a draft dodger and who attacks those who served is simply incomprehensible. By the way, I am not a supporter of McCain’s politics–that does not matter. But I will always stand up for those who served.

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  3. I appreciate this post. And in solidarity I add: My adopted father was a Captain in the Navy. He abhored meanness of any kind. I am proud to be his daughter-by-choice and I am honored to carry forth my dad’s “be kind” mantra. Trump and his fellow Republicans are being low, petty and mean. And furthermore they’re being mean to someone who cannot defend himself. Abhorent! My dad would be proud to know that I am (and have been) publically condeming the behavior of Trump and his fellow Republicans against John McCain. Let me state clearly: I stand united with all who are against meanness and in favor of kindness. I write this in the name of myself and my adopted father Captain Doctor Bob Hoke, Dad, Granpa, Sir, J.S.P.S (Just Some Poor Schmuck) – as Dad often refered to himself. (he had a string of professional letters behind his name but prefered J.S.P.S.)

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