Who Are Your Favorite Latin American Poets?


As I continue this series on favorite writers, I am going to try to continue to hone in more specifically on regions as well as eras, although not always in the same post! For today’s question, I would like to learn who are some of your favorite Latin American poets. Unfortunately for me, I do not speak Spanish, so I can only address the writings of the following artists as their work appeared in translation. I am hoping, however, that the translations are accurate.

Here are a few of my most admired Latin American poets:



Pablo Neruda

Neruda’s work might be among the best known poetry of any time or place in the world. I find his work to be astounding in its depth and breadth of subject. He was a well known political activist as well as a writer of some of the most beautiful love poetry. Neruda, from Chile, won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1971.




Gabriela Mistral

Gabriela Mistral, of Chile, also won the Nobel Prize for Literature (1945), and has produced an enormous body of poetic work. Her work often encompasses a wide range of themes: among them: love, sorrow, bitterness, hope for the world, family, motherhood and the issue of Latin American identity.



(https://en.wikipedia.org–Photograph by Jonn Leffman)

Octavio Paz

Octavio Paz completes this triumvirate of winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature (1990). Paz is one of the most well known Mexican poets, and his work was widely varied and dealt with many themes. A few are love, death, passion, natural beauty, as well as the Modern world and surrealism.


So I ask all of you–who are some of your favorite Latin American poets?

24 thoughts on “Who Are Your Favorite Latin American Poets?

  1. Hehe! When I read this post’s title I thought you were asking about Latin poets at first and wanted to write: Ovid! 😁
    Instead I’ll have to say, Neruda as well. And even though she’s not really a poet, I’d also say Isabel Allende because her novels are poetic in their beautiful use of language. 😊

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  2. You chose my two favorites. I adore Pablo Neruda’s work. So lyrical and sensual and yet with an underlying sense of sadness. And of course, Octavio Paz is amazing, though I admit I like his essays much better. The Labyrinth of Solitude is such a seminal work and directly addresses the dichotomy at the heart of the Mexican culture.

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  3. I love Neruda. An incredible man! For all his writing and his life. My Spanish is just about good enough to appreciate his work in the original. I’ve also been lucky enough to have visited his houses in Santiago and Isla Negra – all those fantastic views and collections will stay with me always.

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