The Wisdom of Mister Rogers – Part 1


Here is another wonderful post from Jennie, the extraordinary teacher!

A Teacher's Reflections

I had the good fortune to watch Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood on television with my children in the 80’s.  I also had the good fortune to hear Fred Rogers speak at a national teacher’s conference in the 90’s.  He was a kind and gentle man, and he commanded the love and respect of children and parents – because he understood children.  He also understood the world, and more importantly, children’s place in the world.

Most recently I watched (twice) the new documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?  I thought I knew… well, there is so much.  I didn’t know.

I highly recommend watching this film.  Remember, it is a documentary, not a movie.  I will share one story that blew my socks off:

Racial tension was at a high.  In the south, a film clip showed black people swimming in a pool, and white people walking along the outside edge of…

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9 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Mister Rogers – Part 1

  1. My daughters and I were fortunate to meet him when he came to our city for a special meeting with the children in our town. It was like Christmas had come early and my daughters were awestruck. They always watched him on TV and to see him in person was an experience they never forgot.

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