Acrylic Pouring No. 4


Here is more beautiful art from Sarah!

Art Expedition

A few months back, I started experimenting with a new painting technique called acrylic pouring (if you´ve missed my first acrylic pouring painting click here).

It’s been a lot of fun, although I do have slight problems with the unpredictability of the whole process. As soon as you let go of the paint it pretty much does what it wants and you can merely stand by and watch. 😉

DSC_0601 Acrylic Pouring No. 4 (acrylics and pouring medium on cardboard; January 2019)

Ironically enough, the unpredictability part is also the one that makes the butterflies in my stomach dance up and down and giddy with excitement.

I swear, as long as it takes to prepare the painting – and I´m talking about quite a lot of time to mix each color separately until you’re happy with the result), I even spend more time just watching the thing grow and settle…

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