Red Shafted Flicker~


Once again, here are more stunning photographs from Cindy Knoke!

The Northern Flicker is a type of woodpecker.

In the western US, Flickers have red cheeks and tail feathers, but in the east they have yellow accents.

This guy was so relaxed around me, he started snoozing while I was photographing him,

and then hopped over for a closer look!

I photographed him in The San Bernardino Mountains, near Big Bear Lake California.

These photos were taken before the region was hit with five major storms, leaving several feet of snow and alleviating the drought.

Cheers To you from snowy & birdie, Southern California~

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19 thoughts on “Red Shafted Flicker~

  1. This is so beautiful, both the land and the bird. Love him!!! I live in Yucaipa, straight down from Big Bear, CA, sort of in the foothills (the canyons leading up into the more likely foothills). I lived for a short time in Big Bear, but I have an illness affected by the cold, so could not stay there, but I sure did love it! Thank you kindly.

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  2. Charles, he is beautiful, your Woodpecker. I have three beautiful ones visiting the garden and taking over the birdfeeders at times.
    Why is it that birds always are so beautifully arranged – as if they were going to a ball. 😊 .


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