This is me


Allow me to introduce another one of my English 11 class!

Luca Milletti Engl 011

Hi! My name is Luca Milletti and I am a freshman at Lehigh University, exploring the depths of literature via blog posts in my English class. I am originally from San Francisco, California. Although I am an engineer, I have always had a hidden love for reading and writing because my high school pushed writing and reading skills on its students so much; on the other hand, I have been out of touch with literature for so long and I am looking to rekindle that love for genres I used to enjoy reading so much. Out of all of the literature I have read, I enjoy reading horror, fiction and realistic fiction the most, and my favorite series of books have been the Harry Potter series and, when I was younger, the Percy Jackson series. I am looking forward to posting more on this site and I am hoping to…

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