The Fishing Cat: A Truly Unique Feline


Here is a wonderful post from Josh Gross about an amazing and unique feline!

The Jaguar

A photo of a fishing cat taken by Srikanth Mannepuri. Image Β© Fishing Cat Conservancy.

This post is an introduction to the ecology and conservation of a truly unique species: the fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus). It is the second entry in a three-part series about fishing cats and a non-profit organization called the Fishing Cat Conservancy, whom I shall write about next week.


The fishing cat is a medium-sized cat: recorded weights for the species range from 5.1-6.8 kg for females, and 8.5-16 kg for males.1 That translates to 11.2-15 lb for females and 18.7-35.3 lb for males, which is slightly smaller than a bobcat (Lynx rufus).

Range and Habitat

The fishing cat has a wide but patchy range. It occurs in fragmented habitats in parts of:

A fishing cat watching the water, presumably waiting for prey. Photo taken by Srikanth Mannepuri…

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10 thoughts on “The Fishing Cat: A Truly Unique Feline

  1. What a magnificent and beautiful little creature, and how well it has evolved to be such an expert hunter of a wide diet that helps it to be successful. It is so amazing that there is always something else for us to discover in this world.

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