What Is The Opening Paragraph of One of Your Books? A Book Promotion Party!


I thought it would be interesting to do a book promotion party by giving not only the name of your book and what it is about but also the opening paragraph.

I offer the following from Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society Book 1 by Charles F. French:

“Lucius Antony Caius exalted in his good fortune. He was in complete control of his destiny, of his place in the world. Not for him was the belief in the three sisters of fate–they would not measure and cut his string of life. Caius, also known as Maledicus, as he was called because of his odd lisping voice coupled with the grating sound of sandpaper grinding on coarse wood and with his personality, believed he controlled the world. And his evil persona caused others to fear him. He didn’t look like the image of a strong Roman–he was short and fat, with little hair, but he was as dangerous as the most powerful general.”

So, if you would like to join the party and promote your book, please offer a quotation!

Have fun, promote your book, and please share this post.


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57 thoughts on “What Is The Opening Paragraph of One of Your Books? A Book Promotion Party!

  1. Applied Analog Electronics https://leanpub.com/applied_analog_electronics
    starts with an intro for the students (ignoring the Preface, which is addressed to the teachers).

    Chapter 1: Why an electronics class?
    Section 1.1 First (and sometimes last) course on electronics

    This course is intended to be a first course in electronics for students who have not had anything more than a high-school physics course that covered circuits. Students should have heard of resistors and capacitors and know something about how electrons flow in wires to make circuits. Important concepts (like voltage, current, and resistance) will be reviewed, but more time will be spent on concepts that are likely to be new to students.

    The course is structured around three big concepts that are used repeatedly in different ways: voltage dividers, introduced in Section 5.1; complex impedance, introduced in Section 10.2, and negative-feedback amplifiers using op amps, introduced in Section 19.2. We’ll use these three ideas over and over again to design a variety of different circuits.

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  2. Jo Elizabeth Pinto

    “There’s nothing a damn bit bright about sunshine when you’re seventeen and you see it from the wrong side of a jail cell window. It isn’t that I’m moping for my lost freedom or anything. I wouldn’t give a half a crap for my life anymore now that the crew is scattered to the four winds, and all I have left of Daisy is her parting note in the waistband of my jeans and a wilted dandelion dangling between my fingers. But it seems to me that the Man Upstairs could have marked my downfall with a terrific thunderstorm or at least a few nasty black clouds out of the west. When there’s a war or a funeral or some other sad thing going on in the movies, the sky usually turns dark and ugly, and the rain pours down in buckets. The longer I stare at the square of sunlight streaming through the tiny window of my cell and stealing across the floor, the lonelier I feel. August 27, 1986, is slipping by the same as every other hot, heavy day, and I’m the only one in the world who knows that nothing will ever be all right again.”

    “The Bright Side of Darkness” is my award-winning novel, available in Kindle, audio, and paperback formats.

    Please see my author page on Facebook here:

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  3. What genre is this, Charles? I must say I am intrigued now that I thoroughly checked the synopsis of your book. I intend to purchase but want to be doubly sure of the genre.
    Also, I see you’ve not yet listed it on Goodreads.

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  4. Hi Charles, How do I do it? Do I paste my writing in the comment section or send it to you to post it within the body of your blogpost? confused! don’t have any links or publications yet. just writing. 😦

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  5. Thank you for this opportunity, Charles! Here is the opening paragraph of my novel TELLING SONNY:

    “After a year or so, the death knell marking the end of Faby’s marriage lost its resonance–yet it continued to toll, as steady and devoid of feeling as a metronome set in motion for someone who can’t keep time. Then in April of 1952, unbeknownst to Faby, the tolling unexpectedly stopped. For a week, she knew of nothing that should change her steady marking out of time. She walked to the telephone company in the morning to put in her hours at the switchboard; she walked home again at day’s end to eat her meager supper.”

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  6. TWILIGHT OF THE IMMORTAL is Historical Fiction, set in Hollywood & New York City, 1916-1928. It was published in trade paper with a small literary press in 2010, but I retrieved the rights for it soon after and now publish it myself as an eBook. Here is the first paragraph from Chapter 1.

    I wish my story were just beginning. Right here, Christmas 1927, in this luxurious
    compartment on the Golden State Limited as the train pulls into Los Angeles. I am
    looking rather spiffy for the occasion, as if nothing in my sordid past had ever occurred.

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  7. I have decided that tomorrow I am going to kill Caroline. I’d like to squash her flat under a road roller, or push her off the top of the Empire State Building, but I’m not sure how I could get her there, and I suspect Health and Safety have got it securely enclosed by now. I can’t shoot her as I’ve no idea where I’d get a gun, and a knife means getting up close and personal and I don’t want her blood all over me. I could poison her, but then I don’t know very much about poisons, and I really should dispose of her in a more interesting way. I’ve grown to hate her, and I want her death to be lingering and painful. From Truth, Lies and Propaganda https://www.books2read.com/u/47kzYN

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  8. Oooh. This is fun, Charles. A great idea. Thanks! This is the first paragraph from The Bone Wall.
    My sister stands by the window in moonlight, the only light in the ancient relic of a lost age. Carved of alabaster, she is a statue whittled by a master’s artful hand, naked skin pale, shadowed, wraithlike in its translucence. Her hair gathers moonbeams, cornsilk draped over shoulder-bones, free of the blood staining her face and hands. Gray eyes honed with steel study a landscape of gnarled trees, skeletal limbs clawing with broken fingers from a dead land. All around her the world dies. She is blind to the fragile greenness of new leaves.

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  9. HL Carpenter

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Here’s our first paragraph:

    The summer Andy disappeared started out the same way summers had since I was ten—with a Sunday afternoon airplane ride to visit Gran Ryan. The flight was smooth and fast, the same as usual. The only difference from the past five trips was that Andy was with me.

    From Pirate Summer, a young adult time travel novel.

    When her brother disappears, Josey is sure she knows where he’s gone.

    And the only way to bring him home is to travel two hundred years into the past with a boy she can’t trust.

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  10. Hi Charles – thanks for this opportunity. I have added the opening paragraph of Chapter 3 of my as yet unpublished paranormal novel ‘Partners in Time’:

    John Finbow, an enigmatic smile lifting the corners of his mouth, kicked up the stand and swung a leg over the seat of his motorbike, walking it back carefully over the gravel for a few more feet in order to admire his new purchase one more time. The old south-facing Victorian rectory gazed back at him myopically through sixteen sun-drenched sightless windows framed in drooping wisteria. Ornate chimneys which had survived 170 years of coal fires now stood redundant atop a renewed roof of Welsh slate. A couple of blackened boot scrapers stood symmetrically either side of four grand pillars guarding an entrance portal made of oak, worthy of one of those historical costume dramas that he knew Kay was so fond of.

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  11. What a great idea, thank you Charles.
    This is the opening of my urban fantasy, DESPRITE MEASURES, a Caledonian Sprite novel
    (Slight cheat, its 2 short paragraphs)

    It’s just as well I’m not claustrophobic. Even so, being held captive in a bottle was not how I’d planned to spend my weekend. It was also one of the most undignified positions I’ve ever been in; a water sprite can be squished down pretty small, but it doesn’t mean we enjoy the process.
    Rainbows played across the clear glass walls of my prison, refracting through the swirling liquid of my elemental form. Taking a deep breath, metaphorically speaking, I tried to slow my agitated motion, in danger of over-heating. If someone would uncap my bottle, I’d be able to let off steam.

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  12. Thanks for this opportunity to share with all of the other author/bloggers here at your site, Charles.
    I have just posted my blog – in which I share the Opening Paragraph and Synopsis for my book, “Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems,” and I am pleased to carry on the tradition.
    I responded to the post by Abbie Johnson Taylor on her blog, “My Corner.” Thank you!


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  13. rosepoetartist

    Haven’t been published yet but would be interested in reactions…so here goes…
Ruth’s husband’s name froze on her lips. Her left hand on the doorknob gripped harder and her right hand shot up and touched her open mouth then went immediately to her tiny baby bump. 

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