The Poet’s Dog


Here is a lovely book recommendation from Jennie, that excellent teacher!

A Teacher's Reflections

As winter is upon us, I am once again drawn to the best book, The Poet’s Dog.  Fall in love with a dog, a poet, and children- magnificently written, through the voice of the dog.  A winter storm has arrived here in New England, so yes, I’ll be reading this book.

“Dogs speak words.  But only poets and children hear.”

Those are the opening words in Patricia MacLachlan’s book, The Poet’s Dog.  I have read the book twice, because there are many words not to be missed; words that are pure and don’t need added adjectives and text.  MacLachlan’s writing stands alone in a field of masterful literature.  Her eighty-eight pages are some of the best I have ever read.  In the words of the publisher:

“Alone in a fierce winter storm, Nickel and Flora are brave but afraid.  A dog finds them.  Teddy speaks words and brings…

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