Doodling to Become Zen


Here is more wonderful art from Sarah!

Art Expedition

I´m sure many of you did feel just as stressed out over the last holidays as I did. Which if you think of it, is ridiculous really, we should feel happy and excited, like we did when we we´re kids. I mean – it´s the holidays, right?

So, to help me get into a more appropriate frame of mind, i.e. feeling more relaxed about it all, I decided to try out something new – the art of Zentangle.

I´m sure all of you have doodled a little something on a piece of paper while talking on  the phone, and this is not so very different in fact.

Take me, I made all of my Zentangles in front of the TV (it does speak volumes about the quality of the programs I was watching, doesn’t it? 😉 ).

Because I didn’t want to add new stress by having to think of…

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