An Invitation To Join The U.L.S. The Underground Library Society


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I am again asking for those who would like to join the U.L.S.,the Underground Library Society, to join and write a guest post.

In an earlier First Year Class at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, The U.L.S. — The Underground Library Society — was created. It is in the spirit of the Book People from Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. In that novel, all books have been banned, and a few people “become” books by memorizing them, in the hope that, one day, books will be permitted to exist again.

In that spirit, I am putting out the call once more for like-minded people to join The U.L.S. All that is needed is to choose a book you would memorize if the need ever arose. You do not actually have to memorize  the book now. If you wish to join, simply write a guest post in which you say what book you would “become” and why.

I hope many of you choose to join.

If you do wish to do a post, please email me at  and write a guest post as a Word doc. Thank you.

Charles F. French

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15 thoughts on “An Invitation To Join The U.L.S. The Underground Library Society

  1. Love this concept. I was just trying to think what book I would memorize. There are so many worth memorizing. And if I could memorize one, which one would I choose. I’m in and will join The ULS.

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  2. My first thought is that many of us authors might just want to embody one of our own books. My second thought is how I would pick a book by someone other than me to memorize. Third thought: I really ought to write a guest post here. Thanks for the opportunity, Charles!

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  3. Tales told by elder folk/become folk tales that may evoke/images of other times.
    Tales told in books/become memories that can evoke/longings for other times.
    Underground libraries might surface (🤫 again as even prior to Mr. Covid there has been a programme of library closures. Kindle etc cannot give on the sense or feel that a book does, so if I had to I would join an underground library…as a printer.

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