Show Kindness




I have a simple request to make, and this idea is certainly not original to me in any way. Please try to find a way to be kind to someone, at least once a day.



Remember that kindness shows strength, not weakness.

21 thoughts on “Show Kindness

  1. Thank you so much. We never really know what others are going through, and an act of kindness could be the thing that saves their lives for all we know. Being kind to others regardless of how we feel can help us too. For when we feel good about others, we cannot but help feel good about ourselves too. I know that this has made a huge difference in my own life. Having worked with special needs children and young adults for many years of my life, I realized that most of them have no way to express their thoughts or concerns. So just learned to always treat them kindly and be there when they needed something even as small as being lifted up to the drinking fountain to get a sip, or helping them get their tricycles back up on the playground when they fell over. One of the most fun and kind things I remember is that a child with physical challenges was making his way up on the monkey bars. He might fall into the sand, but I was going to make it fun for him. So I began to call out as a circus announcer might do. “And here we have the brave young man in his blue hero T-shirt who is going to go for the gold on the monkey bars. Let’s see who else can perhaps do it too!” And soon, as he was struggling to make his way across, I shouted, “Wow, look at this fine young man braving his way to the 4th bar. Let’s all root for him!” And the other children all began to clap and yell, “Comeon, Jake. You can do it.” The little guy struggled as he worked his way over slowly. But he was smiling big-time! He didn’t quite make it all the way, but he kept that smile, and the other kids came up and patted him on the back. As I watched him, he turned around and went right back to get in line. From that time through recess being over, the children all got in line and all of them tried, and I kept up the Circus talk, cheering each one on and telling the children things like, “Look at the way she holds onto the side with one hand and to the monkey bars with the other! Wow, talk about great technique! Go Mary, Go!!! ” I never saw the children having so much fun on the monkey bars, and each one was getting cheered on in the best way. Reminded me how it is the little things that mean so much.

    A smile and a warm face anywhere can change people’s whole attitude. When I go into the waiting rooms in Oncology, I always comment on how beautiful the women in there look, and soon we are having the best conversations and no sadness. Everyone is telling her story like a hero. Yes, this is something for all of us to remember. Thank you again very kindly.

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