Quotations on Immigration


Given the political climate of the times, I thought I would offer some quotations from past leaders on the issue of immigration.



“It says something about our country that people around the world are willing to leave their homes and leave their families and risk everything to come to America. Their talent and hard work and love of freedom have helped make America the leader of the world. And our generation will ensure that America remains a beacon of liberty and the most hope fill society this world has ever known.”

                                                                     George W. Bush




“Our attitude towards immigration reflects our faith in the American ideal. We have always believed it possible for men and women who start at the bottom to rise as far as the talent and energy allow. Neither race nor place of birth should affect their chances.”

                                                                   Robert F. Kennedy




“Remember, remember always, that all of us, you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.”

                                                                   Franklin D. Roosevelt




“The United States should be an asylum for the persecuted lovers of civil and religious liberty.”

                                                                   Thomas Paine


I want to point out that all of us, except for those who are 100 percent Native American, have either immigrated or descended from immigrants to the United States of America. To believe that we are under invasion from immigrants is a mistake, and those spreading that misinformation are cons and liars. This is not a time to be quiet. Writers need to speak.



40 thoughts on “Quotations on Immigration

  1. Separated by time and politics, all of these men recognize one unifying thing: it takes courage and character to immigrate–and that is the essence of what has always been best about America. Thanks for collecting these, Charles!

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  2. What you have to remember is that the fuss is over illegal immigration. That’s what people are arguing about. Most illegal immigration is caused by people overstaying their visas, then they just drift into the country. My mother came to the US legally, became a citizen, etc., so I am first generation in this country. The system is broken. We need reform and a path to citizenship for the people who are here illegally. Both sides need to be talking to each other and looking for real solutions for the people affected by this problem.

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  3. Donny is a descendant of immigrants.
    His unloved wife Melania, and her parents, got here, via chain migration, and her father was a member of the communist party in their homeland. Her parents currently reside in The White House.
    His first wife was also an immigrant.
    Donny marries immigrants.
    It is no so much that I dislike dishonesty, it is just Donny Boy, and family, do it so badly.

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      • The majority of people in discussion currently are here to seek asylum, which is lawful. The United States has been and should be a beacon for those in need. Otherwise, what makes us different from other countries? Why did we fight World War II? It was not solely for self-preservation. If our hearts are not courageous enough to embrace the frightened and threatened people of the world, then we cease to have the right to call ourselves true Americans.

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  4. I always find much in the words of Thomas Paine. There is no doubt that during the current situation, he does not lie easily in his grave. While Roosevelt’s words might impress. he his actions did not support those words. When journalist Ruth Gruber escorted 1000 refugees in August 1944, they were promptly incarcerated in Oswego, New York. Her battle to keep the President from returning those refugees to the Nazis, was a long and often lonely battle.

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