What Are Your Writing Goals for 2019?




I am not a fan of resolutions, because they are often easily broken. I am, however, a big believer in having goals–both large and small.  I have several specific writing goals for this year, and I hope I will accomplish all of them. I might not be successful in all, but I will try anyway.

I intend to have two books on writing out this year, and one is almost complete.

I intend to finish two first drafts of novels.

I want to have a novel published by fall of this year.

I will put out a small menu book based on characters from The Investigative Paranormal Society.

I want to publish an audio version of Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society, Book 1.

I also have another venture that I am planning, but I will write about that in another post.

So, I ask all of you:  What are your writing goals for 2019?



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80 thoughts on “What Are Your Writing Goals for 2019?

  1. Great goals! I have at least 4 books in the works for publishing this year. I am also excited about trying my hand at different poetry styles. Because I was gathering content to a particular book, I didn’t stray too far from my tankas… going for it this year!

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  2. In early Dec. 2018 I got a small book, smaller than 5 x 7 inches, and recently I’ve resolved to write 5 lines in it every day. They don’t have to be good lines. Just lines. The worthy ones I will note an illustration idea for. The really worthy ones I will actually illustrate and then post on my blog. We’ll see how it goes…

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  3. I actually posted mine yesterday! But my 5 writing goals are-

    1- Keep freelancing
    2- Join a writing group (A more critique based one)
    3- Update both my blogs 1x a week
    4- Finish one draft of my novel
    5- Get accepted into grad school (which will involve a lot of writing and resume polishing)

    Hope you have a wonderful start to your 2019!

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  4. Well, one of my goals is underway already, and that is to write up a mini class/book on Anti-bullying. We have had several very young people (ages 13 and a little up from that) commit suicide because of bullying, and I know all too well how that feels). I think it would be good to help children here as so many get bullied. I am hoping also that it will be helpful for parents of those who are bullied. I would like to follow up on that with making some fiber arts pieces about anti-bullying to hang in various small libraries around this area.

    It’s strange, but at 77, I can remember being bullied as a young child in ways that were just horrible and frightening, so this is nothing new. My dad was in the service and we went overseas right after WWII. Bullying is especially horrible in such circumstances when people are reacting to being so close to war.

    It happens in workplaces too, especially if you have any certifications that others don’t have (if you are in a work position that would call for that), or if you excel in any way. That is another thing I have endured over the many years of working, though I guess the one place where I was not bullied was when I worked with special needs children as a substitute. The teachers and other aides generally appreciate other substitutes so much, whether we serve as a paraeducator (generally a one-on-one, an aide (usually for a group out of the class or the whole class with other aids and even as a teacher who is unclassified but can serve for 30 days before getting moved. Generally if the class teachers and aides like you, they will send you to another assignment for a day or two, and then call you back to the same class). This is something I feel very strongly about.

    Even as a senior, I have been seriously bullied and even assaulted by people in my last neighborhood because I have been involved with criminal justice – my last major in a university at age 74, and a volunteer in several things. I was set on becoming a mentor/advocate for juvenile delinquents, but because of former cancer and then PTSD now, I could not get accepted. Instead, I am a court-appointed volunteer doing basically the same thing for foster children. So all things work out for the best I think. I wanted to explain why this particular book, and I hope others can understand the need to not only help others who may be suffering, but to act as excellent therapy for my own challenges as a senior.

    All the situations leading to bullying are often so much more convoluted than people can imagine. Children doing the bullying are often coming to school hungry, and they are also bullied or treated badly at home. Workers are threatened if someone is too competent as it makes them look bad. And seniors get involved when they need pain meds and can no longer get them from their doctors, esp. those with opioid content. So they turn to drug dealers to get what they need for a couple of bucks each time. And generally they become involved in some of the associated crimes too.

    I have about 2/3 of the little book written, and am working on cyber-bullying now. Some days it is extremely hard for me to address, but it will get done. Thank you for bringing us all together as writers in so many different fields. It is really interesting and encouraging.

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  5. I hope to write at least 250 pieces of work averaging about 1000 words each by the end of the year. 250 because it’s 50 more than the ones I wrote last year when I started this blog.
    It will be difficult given that I have to juggle between academics, work, social life and soccer but I think it’s doable if I stick to it.
    And oh, maybe think of a blueprint of a novel I’ve been intending to write after graduation.

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  6. I have one book I want to query starting in February, and another finished draft that I want to edit and have ready to query in the second half of 2019. I also want to draft another book during the course of the year, and a non-fiction project that needs some work before self-publishing in early 2020.

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  7. Hello, Mr. French!
    My writing goals for this year are based more on this site, WordPress, but I got to say I like the way you think, out of the box.
    It will be amazing if I am going to make a series of writings, it will be amazingly good. Thank you for inspiring me!
    And last, I wanted to wish you a Happy and Successful 2019, full of joys, health and prosperity!

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  8. Well, that is impressive and very exciting, Charles. My writing goals are to finish children’s book #2, and continue writing ‘the important stuff’ for teachers and parents on my blog – and put these into a book.

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