Happy Thanksgiving–What Are You Thankful For?




Happy Thanksgiving!

Please remember to recognize the positives and the blessings in your lives.

Enjoy your feasts, your gatherings, and your traditions. And please remember to give thanks to those who help us in many ways. So many are away from home, friends, and family, and we should all give them a moment of thanks.

Please try to remember those who are less fortunate, and try to find some kindness and to continue to spread it throughout the year.

To my friends, including my many blogging friends, and family, –thank you!

I would also like to ask all of you:  For what are you thankful?



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24 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving–What Are You Thankful For?

  1. I’m thankful for my family and for friends, new and old. Signs that our country just might be heading in a somewhat more positive direction make me cautiously hopeful with thanks in my heart. I am also thankful that I seem to have kicked my recent “bug” and should be well enough to actually celebrate Thanksgiving, tomorrow. Happy holiday, Charles!

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  2. Oh, Dr. French. The list is too long of my gratitude. You and all those I learn from here on WordPress is a good place to start. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. I have a journal I’ve been keeping since 2012 writing each day for what I am most grateful. I have never missed one day. Thank you for being the kind person you are.

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  3. Berchtold Bistonnaccio

    …strange. I’ve become grateful for… every moment, all of them, even the terrible ones, the nauseous activities – though less than the most intense ones, where belonging emerged and found an affect rich and without barrier, beyond joy, or beneath, or within. (There are likely deep causal influences not determinate but… almost necessary as to why.) Within those moments of course are all things, connections, friends and friendship, illusion of needed love and love, kin of different kinds (4-legged included), expressions of all kinds (from King Lear to the Davide to Beethoven’s 7th to a well-done ciabotta or a bottle of wine,) all things that say: you were here. And still are.

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  4. Wonderful post, Charles. Thank you. I’m thankful for family, friends, health, nature, and children. That’s a long list, but I think a long one means much gratitude and appreciation. Best to you, Charles.

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