Rest In Peace Stan Lee



(Gage Skidmore)

Stan Lee, the guiding creative genius behind the golden age of Marvel Comics and the current explosion of Marvel movies has died today at the age of 95.

Mr. Lee was an enormous influence in my life. As a child, I was completely absorbed in comic books, and through Marvel’s stories, I learned of heroes with human flaws and a world that had many difficulties. Out of his guidance came such important figures as Spiderman, Ironman, Thor, and my personal favorite–Captain America.



Lee took these characters past the simple fight-the-supervillain-approach of so many other brands of superheroes. In Spiderman, I identified with a high school science nerd who could defeat villains but remained a lonely kid. In Thor, I reveled in learning about another mythology that had previously been completely unknown. In Captain America, I saw the man who was not the superpatriot but the opposer of bullies everywhere. Captain America came to be the moral center of the Marvel Universe, one who would battle oppression no matter from where it came.

Thank you to Stan Lee–you had a lasting influence on my life.

R. I. P. Stan Lee


6 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Stan Lee

  1. Namaste Charles 🙂

    An icon of our time who brought delight and wonder to many minds. He shall be greatly missed by millions but his legacy will continue-on.

    I came to comic books by way of D.C and 2000A.D but soon expanded my reading to embrace Marvel, it was inevitable. My personal favourite was/is Silver Surfer – guardian of the people of Earth – he is certainly mercurial – perhaps even a personification of collective consciousness – every tale reads like a parable in disguise. But of course I cannot deny not wanting to own a surfboard like that…I still do! I mean wow! Surfing the universe – who wouldn’t want to do that!?

    R.I.P Stan Lee…may his soul surf-on 🙂

    Namaste 🙂


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