The Future of Horror: Will You Be There For the Renaissance?


Thank you to K.C. Redding-Gonzalez for her excellent article on the coming Renaissance of Horror!

Zombie Salmon (the Horror Continues)

For those who might have noticed the strange and mysterious “disappearance” of Horror titles currently missing from American bookshelves…Might there be cause for worry?

Even in big box stores that formerly carried at least The Best Of series of Horror anthologies (edited respectively by Ellen Datlow, Paula Guran, and Stephen Jones), there appears to be a growing availability desert.

Sure, they can be ordered online. But what has happened to carrying at least those titles in major bookstores (titles, by the way, which always sold copies)? Where are our new authors? Our old, established authors? Why are we constantly seeing reconfigurations of the same authors and stories? What are they doing to our genre?

For many, there is the sensation that the future is bleak. Has the genre fallen on hard times, or are we being gaslighted into oblivion? Are Horror fans still out there, and what can we do…

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11 thoughts on “The Future of Horror: Will You Be There For the Renaissance?

  1. Not a genre I read a lot of, but when I do I go for literary more than literal (i.e. sensationalistic). So, yes, I guess I do care about the development of the form. Thanks for reblogging this well-considered post, Charles!

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