I am honored to be able to reblog this post from a student in one of my English classes!

Allie's Blog -- English 11

“Maledicus” is a story that my English 11 class had the chance to read this past unit, encouraging me to focus on the topic of what encourages violence and how malice can manifest within a person’s mind.

Ironically enough, the concept of what creates a monster is not what fascinated me the most when reading through this story. It was, in fact, how grief and heartache can, in turn, allow a person to gain the strength to fight back against a form of evil and vindictiveness.

It’s quite interesting to be able to read something and then take any remaining thoughts or questions you have to the author himself, which we were lucky enough to be able to do with our very own teacher. I found it especially wild to be able to have a background on the author himself, which allowed me to gain a greater sense of understanding…

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