Language, Literacy, and Storytelling – Part 5 – The Conclusion


Here is the conclusion of Jennie’s excellent series on “Language, Literacy, and Storytelling.”

A Teacher's Reflections

In Part 4, I shared my storytelling at school.  In the bathroom I use rhyming words and tell make-believe stories.  I incorporate children’s names into the story.  I add complex vocabulary words.  At lunchtime, I tell Jennie Stories, true stories of my childhood.  I shared the incredible fact that the one-and-only common denominator among National Merit Scholars is having dinner with their families at least four times a week.

The power of story and words cannot be overstated.

Part 5 – The Conclusion
Words, stories, language, reading. storytelling… they all work together to give children the best start – cognitively and emotionally.  Both are equally important.  And John Phillips, the founder of Phillips Exeter Academy in 1781, said it best:

“Goodness without knowledge is weak and feeble, yet knowledge without goodness is dangerous, and both united form the noblest character and lay the surest foundation of usefulness to mankind.”

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