E.B. White’s Grandniece – In My Classroom


Here is another beautiful post from the excellent teacher, Jennie!

A Teacher's Reflections

It happened like this: And as you know, those are the beginning words to a really good story.  So, hold on to your hat.

Last spring I learned that E.B. White’s grandniece was giving a presentation at my local library.  I had no idea there was a family member living nearby.  This was thrilling news, good news.  Unfortunately, I was travelling at the time of her presentation.  That was sad news, bad news.  Talk about highs and lows.

When I visited the library after my travels, the head children’s librarian was beside herself to tell me about the event.  She was even more excited to tell me that E.B. White’s grandniece wanted to meet me.  Me!  In the words of Charlotte, I was HUMBLE.

And so we met.  She (Lindsay) is wonderful.  She showed me memorabilia that took my breath away.  My favorite photos were Andy (E.B…

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