The Light in the Toothbrush


This is a wonderful post about children and reading!

A Teacher's Reflections

This week my Book Bears reading group at the public library had our first meeting of the year.  September is always ‘bring your favorite book that you read over the summer’.  It’s a great way to meet the kids – grades 2 & 3 – and see what everyone likes to read.  I host the discussion, and invite each child to read a page aloud from their book.  It’s a wonderful ice breaker.

I also get a feel for how they read, and how much they read.  My wonderful all-boy group likes dragons, book series like The Boxcar Children, American war history, and much more.  Book series are very popular.  The diversity of interest is exciting.

At this point, everyone had talked about their book, and more importantly talked about why they liked it.  Everyone was listening to each other.  It’s about more than just the book.  It’s about  getting…

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