Who Is One Of Your Favorite Authors?




I have asked about specific books and movies before in my blog, but I thought I would offer a different question this time. I have many authors whose work I both love and admire. Answering the question I am going to ask, therefore, is difficult for me, but it is fair that I answer before anyone else.

Who is one of your favorite authors?

To answer this question today, I will choose Stephen King.



I first started reading King with the novel Carrie, and I have read everything he has published since then. I hold Mr. King to be not only one of the most successful writers of our time, but also he is one of the best. I do believe that he will be remembered in the future as a great writer. Let me emphasize that  I am now speaking as a member of the Academy, as a Professor of English Literature.

Among his absolute best works are The Stand, The Dark Tower Series, and Hearts in Atlantis.

I ask again: who is one of your favorite writers?


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50 thoughts on “Who Is One Of Your Favorite Authors?

  1. My favorite of all time, would have to be Jonathan Swift. He had me with A Modest Proposal. However, there is a whole long list of others whose work I would grab in a heartbeat. As for Stephen King, I enjoyed his book on writing. Alas, Horror is not a genre I can enjoy.

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  2. King is definitely in the top 5 for me and I believe the Black Tower series was his greatest accomplishment!
    Have you tried Dean Koontz or Neil Gaiman?
    I also appreciate James Michener’s historical facts in his stories.

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  3. I only read my first Stephen King book this past year (The Gunslinger) but I definitely enjoyed it! It was creepy and otherworldly on a whole new level. Now that I think about it, I’m actually not sure I have any favorite authors because there’s no one I purposefully keep track of when they come out with a new book. This definitely made me think, so thanks!

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  4. MEL

    first Stephen King of course, followed by Jackie Collins .
    I am a big fan of true crime, it was so hard to pick one out so here is my top 3
    Ann Rule
    M William Phelps
    Diane Fanning

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  5. Next to nothing for the past two months. I have a bunch of “starters” and story ideas and quotes and bits and pieces. It’s like looking at a battlefield with big and small chunks of flesh and various limbs all strewn about. A gory mess waiting for a miracle to happen . . .

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  6. Doris

    As you can tell from how long it took me to answer, I had difficulty choosing my favorite author. I narrowed it down to 5.
    John LeCarre, JD Robb. Jeffrey Archer, Janet Evanovich & Adrianna Trigiani.

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