Book Lovers


I have to reblog this wonderful post by Marlene on National Book Lovers Day!


Today is National Book Lover’s Day. I had it saved on my calendar from last year.Dr. French has a post this year on the subject and he was the one who alerted me to this great day last year. I am always ready to celebrate a book.

This has been hanging on my walls for 15 years through many moves

I have often threatened to show photographs of my small book collection. It’s a good thing that my shelves have been culled and many passed on. There is a box waiting at the back door to go to “The Friends of the Library” bookstore. They sell used books so the library can buy new offerings.

One side of the living room

I have loved books since I discovered them at about the age of 12 when my parents bought eight for my Christmas gift. I had four Donna…

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12 thoughts on “Book Lovers

  1. I am ever so grateful to my, several thousand, books and two cats for granting me a bit of space for reading and writing around them. Nice post Charles. I owe so much to books and the neighbors daughters who taught a curious three year old to read.

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  2. I too love and adore books and have bookshelves heavily laden with them and end tables to match. I love that each book collector/reader is, by their collection, actively creating their own constellation of book-thoughts! Thanks for sharing!

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