National Book Lovers Day!!!




August 9 is National Book Lovers Day, and that makes it one of the best days of the year! This is a time to celebrate the people who read and love books–bibliophiles!ย  I am assuming if you are reading this post, that you are also a book lover.


(Prague Library —

No matter the place from which you get your books, whether it be libraries, bookstores, or online, the having and reading of books is one of the greatest pleasures of life! Reading can be done almost anywhere–in a park, in a home, in a cubicle, on a bus or train, or on the beach (and these are certainly not the limits of possible reading locales).ย  Wherever you might be while reading, you can be transported into many other worlds, through the connection of the writer’s words to the reader’s imagination. That is one of the most wonderful relationships possible!





I have to thank my mother for helping to instill this love of reading into my soul. I have been reading since I was 3, and it is a crucial part of my being. It is also one of the most important abilities for children not only to develop but also and, perhaps more importantly, to love. If a child has the love of reading, it should stay with him or her forever.



Celebrate your books and your love of reading!



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25 thoughts on “National Book Lovers Day!!!

  1. I knew you would have a post today but had to write mine before reading yours. I didn’t want to borrow anything but the love of books from you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I started much later as circumstances were so different for me but the love of books is just as deep. I put the reminder in my phone calendar to go off each year so I never forget today. Like a loved ones birthday. Happy Book Lover’s Day, Dr. French.

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  2. I also celebrate books this and every day! Great that you thanked your mother for instilling the love of reading in you. Although my mother read to us sometimes and my dad was a great storyteller, I would have to thank my older sister for pointing me in the direction of reading! She is five years older and was an early and voracious reader, to boot. She often read to me and helped me discover books to hold my interest, which wasn’t always as easy for me. We still discuss what we’re reading to this day!

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