Shushing the Dementors: Should Writers Speak Outside of Their Writing?


Once again, I have the honor to reblog another excellent post by K.C. Redding-Gonzalez! K.C., please consider writing a book!

Zombie Salmon (the Horror Continues)

These offensive political times have created some very interesting conversations.

Take the recent one I overheard at my bookstore, wherein two people (one male and one female) discussed the continuing tweet-commentary of J.K. Rowling with regard to the U.S. President.

He: “She needs to just shut up and write kids books.”

She: “I agree. I’m not even sure I want her books in my house or my kids to read her.”

He: “She needs to stay in her lane. She’s not even American. She doesn’t have any business commenting on our President.”

Way to display your ignorance of the true nature of Literature… and in a bookstore, of all places…

JK1The Proof Is In Our Literature

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the classics. But the reason we are overwhelmed is because no one ever points out to us that Literature is all about multiple meanings. It is made…

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7 thoughts on “Shushing the Dementors: Should Writers Speak Outside of Their Writing?

  1. I don’t think that simply because someone is “just” a writer or actor or in a specific profession or background means that they should only stick to that subject or genre or topic. For the most part, we are capable of cogent thought……some of us! :)…….and though we may work or operate within a specific sphere doesn’t mean we don’t have well-developed opinions or expertise in other areas. And with subjects like religion or politics, even if we aren’t subject matter experts, that doesn’t mean we don’t have opinions.

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